Simple 1-bit clicker heroes like clicker

Created by:

Josef Kuchař

Oliver Polák

Published Apr 08, 2017
AuthorJosef Kuchař


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Fun concept.

To avoid RSI I beat the game using an autoclicker. It took me ~23,692.3 Earth years.


Nice game. The math seems a bit biased though. If you made some savings to get the next engine tier you suddenly make a big leap steamrolling 10+ levels. Reaching lightspeed still feels satisfying.

Wow! Great game!

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I won :O Beautiful game ! Good job guys ;)

Simple and addictive. Congratz!


I clicked, clicked some more, and clicked even more hoping there would be something rewarding.

I made it to "the end". I am not disappointed.


Love the colour scheme!

Took me a little while to understand what was going on (would be super cool if there was some kind of backstory/description? Think that would really add to it)

Lovely little clicker game though - great work! :)